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We operate within four key sectors - renewables, power & infrastructure, oil & gas, and mining - each playing a vital role in shaping Africa’s just energy transition. Our focus areas include renewable energy, energy access, and energy transition, where we aim to make a meaningful impact.

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Accelerating Decarbonization

In a world transitioning to a low-carbon future, our projects accelerate decarbonization by addressing challenges, exploring innovative solutions, and taking decisive action to deliver sustainable energy solutions for our clients. Our energy experts collaborate with various partners, including regulatory bodies, to stay ahead of industry trends, the latest renewable technologies, and relevant regulations.

Renewables PROJECTS

Mwenga Hydro Wind Farm

Electro-mechanical installations of 3 Enercon wind turbines

83.3 MW Olkaria 1 Additional Unit 6 Geothermal Power Development Project

Delivery of quality civil, mechanical, and piping work.

Olkaria III Expansion 15MW Geothermal Power Plant

Mechanical and piping installations and modification of early generation plant and existing plant

Power & Infrastructure

Supporting socio-economic development

For the past three decades, we have been at the forefront of power and infrastructure projects, playing a pivotal role in electrifying Africa. Our deep market knowledge and extensive network of experts enable us to understand the issues and develop solutions to energy and infrastructure challenges, all with the objective of maximizing value for our clients.

Power & Infrastructure PROJECTS

Kinyerezi II Combined Cycle Power Plant (240 MW)

Erection of Mechanical, Electrical, 220 kV switchyard along with complete piping, and BoP Work.

Kinyerezi I 150MW Gas Power Plant

Mechanical installation, erection and commissioning of GT units for Kinyerezi 150MW Gas Power Plant.

Kinyerezi I Extension Project

Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a 185 MW open cycle gas turbine (OCGT) power plant extension.

Oil & Gas

Supporting Sustainable Growth in the Oil and Gas Sector

We have been working with the oil and gas industry for over 25 years, successfully delivering projects in both the upstream and downstream sectors. Our expertise includes engineering new power plants, modifying existing ones, and commissioning infrastructure for all stages of energy production, from processing to refining to distribution. Our working practices adhere to international and industry standards, enabling us to deliver high-quality projects on time.


Mtwara Port Rehabilitation

The Mtwara port came into existence during the British Colonial period, and it is located in the southern part of Tanzania in the city of Mtwara. A poor transport infrastructure made the Mtwara port underutilized for many years, but during 2010 and 2011, an increased interest in oil, gas, and natural resources caused operations to surge.

Chinsali Pumping Station

Located in Chinsali, Muchinga Province, Zambia, the Chinsali Pumping Stration is part of the Tazama pipeline project. Tazama is a 1,710km-long onshore pipeline project operated by TAZAMA Pipelines.

Elfons Pass Pumping Station

Located in the town of Mikumi, the Elfons Pass Pumping Station is part of the Tazama pipeline project. Tazama is a 1,710km-long onshore pipeline project operated by TAZAMA Pipelines.


When investing in mining, a whole new world unfolds

Materials from mining activities have been integral to human advancement and essential for maintaining and improving standards of living. Our competitive advantage lies in our local know-how, extensive experience, and full-service scope, including working in remote locations, handling adverse weather conditions, and managing complex lifts and heavy loads. We embrace innovative ideas, share value from mining projects, and focus on preserving investor returns while creating lasting value for host governments and communities.


Buckreef Goldmine

The Buckreef Project is located in the Geita District of the Geita Region south of Lake Victoria, approximately 110 km southwest of the city of Mwanza, Tanzania. The project comprises five prospects, namely Buckreef, Bingwa, Tembo, Eastern Porphyry and Buziba.

North Mara Gold Mine Plant

The North Mara gold mine is located in north-west Tanzania in the Tarime district of the Mara region. It is around 100 kilometres east of Lake Victoria and 20 kilometres south of the Kenyan border. The mine is a combined open pit and underground operation from two deposits, Gokona (underground) and Nyabirama (open pit).


Located approximately 30 kilometers north of Newmont’s existing Ahafo South operations, the Ahafo North Project will comprise a series of open pits and a process plant including crushing, milling, a carbon in leach (CIL) and elution and gold recovery circuits.

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