Investing in the future of energy for Africa

At CSI Energy Group, our Energy Investment cluster is focused on investing in women within our organization and empowering women in the energy sector, both internally and externally.

By nurturing talent, providing equitable opportunities, and integrating women-led businesses into our supply chain, we aim to deliver positive impact across all projects. Our commitment to ESG principles, particularly gender equality, helps us shape a more sustainable energy sector.

Investing in Women:
We prioritize developing women's skills, knowledge, and leadership within our organization and across the energy sector.
Integrating Women-Led Businesses:
We incorporate women-led businesses that complement our operations into the supply chain, enhancing our market positioning and competitive advantage while supporting inclusivity.
Value Beyond Profit:
Our investment in women internally and externally enriches our group with new capabilities, empowering women to deliver value that transcends financial returns.
More Than Just Partnerships:
Every integration and investment opportunity aligns with our broader business goals while prioritizing ESG principles like gender equality, positively impacting society and the environment.
Partner with us

Are you a women-led business, STEM program, or initiative looking to support women in the energy sector? Partner with CSI Energy Group to share your business case or program goals, and let's explore how we can work together to empower women, reach out to us through the contact form below. 

Our Impact Initiatives

At CSI Energy Group, we are dedicated to supporting and empowering women in Africa's energy sector.

Our past initiative, OPEN, helped women-led businesses grow by providing funding and expert advice. Building on this, we are now creating a Women Empowerment Program to offer opportunities for women at all levels in the energy industry, from beginners to leaders. By supporting women entrepreneurs and professionals, we aim to drive sustainable development, ensuring women play a key role in the future of energy in Africa.

Jan 18 2023

OPEN: Investing in women-led business within the energy sector in Africa

CSI Energy Group launched OPEN, an initiative that will deploy investment into women-led businesses in Africa, filling a gap in the entrepreneurial and financial ecosystem for female founders in the energy sector across the continent, supporting them to grow and have a lasting impact on the economy.


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