CSI Energy Group

We are a diversified African centric network of companies providing sustainable solutions to the energy sector, focused on 3 core strategic clusters.

Leveraging on our skills and expertise, we continue to explore new avenues for growth while investing strategically and sustainably in Africa.

Energy Contracting

Executing ideas that enable generations to thrive

We deliver turnkey solutions across Africa, offering a full scope of design, procurement, construction and commissioning services, tailored to your project’s size and complexity.

Our resourceful team of Engineering, Construction, Planning and Project Management professionals, deploy their technical expertise and customised tools to provide an end-to-end solution to every client’s requests.


Contract Management

Project Management



Energy Development

Securing a sustainable future

With rising expectations of improved resilience, sustainability and the impact of climate change, Africa’s rapid economic expansion creates an urgent challenge that needs action now.

Our energy specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to all segments of the oil, gas, and chemicals, power, utilities, renewables as well as industrial products and construction sectors. To redefine the future of energy, our mission is to support the global energy transition by enabling electrification and decarbonisation in the markets we serve.

Need analysis

Business plan development


EaaS (Energy as a Service)


Risk assessment

Energy Investment

Pioneering solutions to the continent’s challenges

Building Africa’s capacity requires investing in local innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our investment platform provides all stakeholders a voice, both within and outside the organisation. It encompasses efforts to facilitate a culture of innovation in the energy industry with an aim to bring forward disruptive ideas and technologies, leading to developing the right energy ecosystem for the African continent.

We are here to build a network of the brightest minds, ideas, and technologies, to drive the energy sector’s transition, making it smarter, accessible, and reliable as well as support entrepreneurship.

We believe that openness creates shared added value, and everyone can make a difference by sharing challenge-driven solutions or collaborating on spontaneous projects.

Our investments focus on three core areas:




Investing in women-led businesses in Africa


We work with a wide range of partners, from state utilities to small private developers, from industry leaders to local cooperatives.

Our multi-disciplinary experts are committed to safety and international standards, ensuring efficient execution and building on the privileged relationships we share with our stakeholders.