OPEN: Investing in women-led business within the energy sector in Africa

CSI Energy Group launched OPEN, an initiative that will deploy investment into women-led businesses in Africa, filling a gap in the entrepreneurial and financial ecosystem for female founders in the energy sector across the continent, supporting them to grow and have a lasting impact on the economy.


Part of CSI Energy Group investment cluster, OPEN will invest up to $100,000 per company as an equity investment. Eligible businesses are women-led companies within the  energy sector or those fitting within the energy value chain, with at least 3 employees and a turnover of over USD 25,00 per year. Online applications are open from 16th January to 19th February 2023 on www.csi.energy/open

Chris Glasson, Chief Executive Officer of CSI Energy Group said Challenges within the energy sector are even more complex for women entrepreneurs in Africa, and we believe that they should have equal access to opportunity. At CSI Energy Group we have a history of investing in women. These women have contributed to the growth, development, voice, and impact of the organization. They have been transformative, thanks to their skills, wisdom, and expertise.  We are proud for having been able to cultivate, nurture talent and create a safe place for them to grow and excel. Today, we want to take this ethos outside of CSI Energy Group and invest in women who can add value and bring positive impact to the energy sector in Africa. More than funds, OPEN also looks to bring the support and expertise they need to grow and thrive.”

“We know women build excellent businesses with potential for scale and growth but lack the access to support and capital to fully execute their potential. OPEN will provide both the support and funds that they need. When we invest in women they re-invest in their communities and with the right investments and the right intentions, we will work to make the energy sector more inclusive, and in doing so, build a more equitable, sustainable future for us all.” added Aysha Tegally, Project Lead of OPEN

To apply or learn more about OPEN visit www.csi.energy/open