Building a fair future

Join Christine as she shares her big dream for a brighter, cleaner future in Africa. This easy-to-read piece talks about making energy good, fair, and available for everyone. Learn about her ideas on keeping communities strong, helping each other, and caring for our land while making these big changes. It's all about everyone in Africa working together to build a future we can all be proud of

Right now, we're facing big changes in how the world uses energy, and here in Africa, we have our own unique story. For us, moving to renewable energy isn't just about new technologies or rules; it's about our people, fairness, and the kind of future we want. My role in sustainability is closely tied to my love for Africa's rich culture and community spirit. I want us to make changes that include everyone, create jobs locally, and make sure no one is left out or hurt by these changes. Here, I'm sharing my hopes for a fair energy change—one that makes life better for our communities and takes care of our environment.

Community and Justice: Learning from Ubuntu

In Africa, being fair isn't just about laws or individual rights; it's about our community. Our African way of life, called Ubuntu, says, "I am because we are." This means we're all connected. As we start using new, clean energy sources, we need to make choices that keep our communities strong and united. We have to remember that anything that hurts our land or divides our people goes against our belief in what's fair and just.


One big goal is dealing with the problem of energy inequality. Many people in Africa don't have access to affordable energy, and that's not fair. We need to focus on bringing cheap, clean energy to even the farthest villages. This means thinking about creative solutions, like local energy projects, that work well for our specific needs in Africa. Clean energy shouldn't just be something only rich people can get.


I also believe in giving more control to our communities. Instead of having big companies far away making all the decisions, we should support local energy projects. This way, people can start businesses, find jobs, and enjoy the benefits right where they live. It's about making sure the community is in charge and everyone helps out.


Moving away from old energy sources like coal is important, but we also have to think about the people whose jobs depend on these industries. We need to help them learn new skills so they can find new jobs in the clean energy world. Also, we shouldn't take land or harm our food sources just to build new energy projects. We must listen to everyone, especially those who have been taking care of our lands for generations.


To make this all work, we need good plans that help people and the environment at the same time. I'm pushing for rules that encourage companies to invest in our communities in a way that's good for everybody. We need to work together, share ideas, and make decisions openly.


Our journey to a clean energy future in Africa is special. It's not just about machines and technology; it's about our shared dreams, challenges, and hope. As we move forward, we have to remember our commitment to each other, making sure that every step we take helps our community and honors our tradition of working together. This isn't just about saving the environment; it's about doing what's right, building a fair system, and dreaming about what Africa can achieve. As I work on our sustainability goals, I will keep fighting for a future that respects our unity, fairness, and deep bond as a community.