A look back at 2022 and forward to 2023

As 2022 draws to a close its time again to reflect on, and remind ourselves, of our successes and the continuing transformation of CSI Energy Group. Whilst the year has certainly been challenging in many ways, the events and achievements are a reminder that we are resourceful, resilient, and collectively strong even when faced with the toughest of challenges.

This year, CSI Energy Group embraced a new era. We repositioned our brand, developed new business clusters to create new sources of value, scaled up, united an array of expertise across the continent with the introduction of new team members, strengthening our business operations, and saw an increased diversification of our board members. This, will not only underpin the strength of our organisation but will also maximise the impact we have in the communities we serve in.


Now, perhaps more than ever, it’s important that we think about how our actions affect others and the world around us. I am inspired by stories of people caring for loved ones and striving to do the right thing in their communities and beyond, shaping the future of energy. 


I believe that behaving this way is not just the duty of individuals, but it should also be ingrained into the fabric of how all businesses operate, including us. We need to drive change and we need to think about how we define success in the context of social and environmental responsibilities, alongside sustainable business growth and profitability. 


Whether it’s how we stand up for diversity, equity & inclusion, contribute towards positive social and economic change, or make better environmental choices – our actions matter. 


2023 brings further transformation in the business as we look to differentiate, we consider ourselves not as a contractor, a developer or a subcontractor. Our organization is an impact focused energy sector specialist, our focus is to improve energy access, improve energy efficiencies and bring better balance in gender equality in the energy sector. 


Our efforts count collectively. Your efforts count individually. 


Several major milestones shaped our year in 2022. In Kenya, our willingness and commitment to embrace change fueled our confidence to embark on innovative projects. Constantly rising to new challenges: the skills, expertise and professionalism of our teams shone again during the civil, mechanical, and piping works at Olkaria AU6 83.3 Geothermal Power Development Project. After more than 750 days of on-site work, we closed this project safely and up to international standards, honoring the trust of our client and shaping a sustainable future.


We refocused our human capital strategy, further reinforcing the belief that our employees are our most valuable asset, the most important consideration for long-term value creation. We continue to move forward focusing our priorities on our talent, making CSI Energy Group an even greater place to work, restructuring the human capital department with an increased focus on a culture delivered through living our business values.


In Senegal, our teams’ skills and expertise continue with the Projet d’urgence de rehabilitation et de renforcement du reseau de distribution d’énergie de la région de Dakar”, which is a grant by the Japan International Cooperation Agency to the Government of Senegal. By converting the current switching station to a substation, it is expected that the project will make it possible to supply 204 gigawatt-hours of power to the eastern part of Dakar Region per year by the end of 2023. 


We were also assessed by AJA Europe Group, and we are now IMS certified. This Integrated Management System (IMS) certification represents the single direction of ISO standards in the field of quality, environment, and safety. Moving to an integrated management system is just one more step in our commitment towards continuous improvement, paving the way to an increase in efficiency and effectiveness. Being certified means ensuring maximum transparency and reliability over time with regards to our stakeholders to ensure the improvement of the performance standards.


In Tanzania, the Kinyerezi I Extension power plant project marks a further milestone in the country’s efforts to reduce dependence on costly diesel-powered plants. Our involvement includes the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a 185 MW Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) power plant extension and a 220 KV Switch yard, at Kinyerezi 1 Extension Power Station including the upgrade of transmission line from Kinyerezi 1 to Gongo la Mboto and from Gongo la Mboto to Mbagala in Dar es Salaam. 


At a time when season water shortages are affecting power generation capacity our project is currently delivering 110MW of power into the national grid, representing around 7% of the installed capacity. Early 2023 will see further increases in output capacity benefitting Tanzania as a whole.


We were also awarded “The Tanzanian Company of the year 2022” at the Tanzania Energy Congress, a reflection of the efforts of the whole team in Tanzania delivering international quality using national capacity. 


In Ghana, we were awarded a new project at Ahafo North gold mine! Newmont Corporation is bringing Ahafo North Project into the execution phase and our teams’ experience and expertise will enable the design, supply, transport, installation, testing and commissioning of an approximately 18.5 km of double circuit 161kV High Voltage Powerline.


These and so many other successes were achieved in a time when we were forced to adapt to very adverse circumstances. So, I want to thank you all, colleagues, and partners, for the trust, hard work and commitment you’ve continued to show. Our combined strength is what makes us successful as a group, enabling our mission to enable success and improve lives.


In signing off, what I already know about 2023 excites me, with new projects, new people, and a continued passion to positively impact the lives of people across Africa, we will energetically open the chapters of this New Year, with a fond reflection of 2022 in our hearts. 


Chris Glasson

Chief Executive Officer