Upendo Machange

I am Upendo Machange, Accounts Officer at CSI Energy Group. I come from the Chagga Tribe in Tanzania. Most known as “The People of Kilimanjaro” – the Chagga people originates on the southern slopes of Africa’s highest mountain. We are also called Waschagga, Jagga, or Dschagga. Traditionally, the Chagga people belonged to different clan groups ruled by mangis (chiefs).


The main language spoken by our tribe is Kichagga, which is different in dialect between the distinct Chagga regions. That said, we can all understand each other despite those differences. However, just like me, almost all Chagga people also speak Swahili, the national language of Tanzania. The most common way the Chaggas greet people is by standing close to another, followed by a handshake. In villages, mostly young women kneel to greet when speaking to elderlies and men.



I have joined CSI Energy Group in September 2021. I was on a job hunt and the company got my attention. I decided to research about CSI to get a better understanding of its missions, values, services, recent achievements, and remarkable projects. I was impressed and said to myself: “I want to work there!”. My gut feeling was telling me that I have the required skills and knowledge to succeed in this role. I am happy to work for the group.


The diversity of our team is a nice blend of talents and perspectives, enriched by the presence of colleagues from Mauritius, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, among others. Interacting with them offers me valuable insights into their cultures, providing an opportunity to learn how things can be approached differently. This cultural exchange not only broadens my perspective but also enhances our collaborative efforts.



Out of work, I love spending more time with my family and friends. I enjoy cooking, watching wildlife documentaries and movies. I was touched by a particular movie called “Alice” – which depicts how women should be stronger whenever facing experiences and be good examples in our communities around. I also love going out to the beach, attending charity events, indulging in self-care, and listening to podcasts and poems. And yes, I am a cleaning freak!



I believe my forte is my ability and willingness to learn new things quickly and apply them immediately to solve problems. Usually, I keep calm and accept challenges and favour brainstorming sessions with my teammates on how to overcome them. To summarise, I take them as new lessons. I am driven by self-improvement. To work on myself and improve in areas I deemed significant. This sounds easier than it seems but then again, consistency is the key. To achieve this, the bottom line is to be disciplined. If you are not obsessed with your life, change it. And be yourself.


My favourite dish is Mchemsho (mixed stew). This delicacy is cooked by boiling ingredients like potatoes, bananas, onions, carrots, green beans, and spices. Meat and fish can be added to turn it into a complete meal which can be eaten at any time. I recommend that you try the Ugali, another of my preferred dish made from maize or cassava flour. 



If you want to explore my culture, check out the movie “Jua Kali”, which reflects our daily lifestyle. Popular cultural events you must experience include the Nyama Choma (Grilled Meat) Festival and the Zanzibar International Film Festival. For something spectacular, and memorable, add the Serengeti Wildebeest Migration to your bucket list. The Great Migration as it is called or Africa’s race for life is a unique mind-boggling show from nature! I believe this link can convince you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTw4XnLnSmU


Usinde & keep in touch!