Meet Stephane Lamvohee

I've been navigating the CSI world for close to three years, ensuring our Marketing and Communication ship sails smoothly. But when I’m not caught up in campaigns and brand messaging, you'll often find me with my camera, capturing moments that words often fail to describe. For me, a pictures peaks a thousand emotions, and merging visuals with narratives? Oh, that's where the magic happens!


Sunset has a special place in my heart. I've made it a ritual, the "Sunset Ritual" as my friends and I call it.

Sunset Mauritius

We meet up during the golden hour, on the island's cliffs, watching the day end. Mauritius, my homeland, is more than just postcard-perfect beaches. I love its diverse cultures, landscapes, and stories.

In 2021, my love for travel and my knack for capturing these moments led to my nomination as the Best Content Creator for Travel and Lifestyle in Mauritius. An honor? Absolutely! But more than the accolades, it’s the stories, the experiences, and the memories that truly matter. I even have a nickname “Call Me Islander”. And if you're curious, you can always check my personal blog at www.callmeislander.com. Here, I mix my thoughts with the pictures I take. It's like combining ideas and views.


Besides taking photos, psychology intrigues me, and a loved one introduced me to philosophy. It challenges me. Writing? It’s my silent escape. I’ve always believed that understanding the human psyche and narrative can greatly enhance our marketing strategies. After all, aren’t we all storytellers in our own, right?


Talking about stories, here’s a short one on my favorite street food in Mauritius: the dholl puri! The popular street food traces its roots back to India. It is a reminder of the times of the indentured labourers that came to the island in the nineteenth century. It is a flatbread stuffed with lightly spiced yellow split peas/ chana dal. This protein packed dish is usually served with a bean or vegetable curry and various other toppings.


Well, next time you see a nice photograph on our company's social media or read a story on our blog, know that there's a bit of my heart poured into it. Here's to more stories, more connections, and the never-ending journey of learning and growing together.


Whose story will unfold next? Stay tuned...