Meet Mutalemwa Kalangari 

I am the proud daddy of three wonderful children: two beautiful girls, namely Haven and Eemelia, and one charming boy named Darius. Our family shares an unbreakable bond, forged through love, laughter, and countless cherished moments. I have a spear and sword, which is essential for every head of family in my tribe. You normally buy these or receive them as a gift from your father for your marriage. In the old days, they were meant for security, while nowadays it is more of a cultural remembrance.





Our culture puts great emphasis on respecting elders. Take the time to greet each person individually, especially starting with the elderly. When receiving or giving something, we use both hands or the right hand while touching your left hand to your right elbow as a sign of respect.



I was born and brought up in Livestock  keeping family. My late father was a veterinary doctor and he had established a small farm at home for cows, chickens, goats, and dogs so that he could teach and demonstrate to the farmers (beginners). As the son of a veterinary, I have learned how to milk cows traditionally (without a machine) and I inherited a hobby for animal keeping. I just love animals. Currently, in my backyard in Dares Salaam, I keep dogs and chickens. They are my passion. I have three dogs and I enjoy evening walks and weekends with them. It helps me focus and gather my thoughts and reminds me of my childhood.





Each workday, I adhere to a structured routine. I wake up promptly at 6:00 AM and start the day with a refreshing shower. I then attend to my children as they prepare for school. After that, I head to the office. My very first task upon arrival is reviewing my meticulously maintained to-do-list, which I update daily before leaving.



The cultural diversity at CEG is nice. I had never imagined working with people from so many different cultures at the same time and being able to understand and respect each other at the office.





Due to my current meal plan, I bring lunch to the office, thus avoiding the need to leave the premises during the day. My favourite dish is cooked banana mixed with meat and green peas. In my region, this is the food you cook and serve when welcoming visitors. It is also a special food served to a son-in-law when visiting in-laws.



Once home in the evening, I engage in an invigorating walk. If my arrival is delayed, I spend 30 minutes on the elliptical bike. Sports is my also go-to activity, and it keeps me fit! Post-exercise, I take another shower and assist my children with their homework.





Dinner is a sacred moment for our family. It is an opportunity for daily bonding and conversation. As a professional in a demanding business environment, I recognise the importance of work-life balance. To achieve this, I establish clear boundaries, prioritise tasks, and prioritise self-care. I make sure that weekends are reserved for quality time with loved ones, allowing me to recharge and maintain productivity.





I am a pragmatic person - I prioritize rational thought over emotions. I like solving problems based on logic, and I diligently gather information to explore and understand the underlying structures of any given situation. On another hand, my motto in life is simple: “Mind your own business.” I like concentrating on my goals every time and place. I think it is also very importance to maintain a positive mindset. For instance, I am the type of person who will admit when he needs help but have also learned when there is a need to delegate. I intend to learn more about conflict resolution in the construction industry.



Besides my family, Nelson Mandela has always been a great inspiration to me. I wish I could have had a conversation with him. He was an extraordinary person. Especially after becoming president, he chose not to revenge on anyone who persecuted him before becoming a leader. A struggle for freedom where he was even exposed to death threats. I would have probably asked him how to forgive in such instances. 😊





While we work hard every day to build a life, we should never forget to enjoy life!


Muta 🐶 ⭐