Watt's That? 'Just' Energy Transition

Ever heard of the term "Just Energy Transition" and wondered what it means for you and our continent? Look no further! In this easy-to-read article, we break down this complex term into bite-sized insights. We explore how Africa is approaching the energy shift in its unique way and why it matters.

Welcome to the first edition of Watt's That? This is the spot where we make sense of all the happenings in the energy world, particularly as they relate to our beautiful continent, Africa. Today, we're breaking down a phrase you'll hear quite a bit going forward: the "Just" Energy Transition. But don't worry, we’ll keep it simple and relatable. So, what’s it all about? Let’s get started.

Unpacking the 'Just' in Energy Transition

When we talk about a "Just" Energy Transition, think of it as a four-legged table, where each leg has its own role in keeping things stable. The four "legs" are energy security, affordability, sustainability, and inclusion. "When will we have regular power supply?" Our story is not just about moving to greener options; it's about making sure everyone has access to any form of reliable energy. This means we aim to move toward cleaner energy sources while ensuring everyone's needs are met.


Africa isn't just another chapter in the global energy story; it's an entire book unto itself. While the globe is racing to cut down carbon emissions, many Africans are still asking for consistent electricity. So, our "Just" Energy Transition involves much more than just being eco-friendly; it's about making life better for everyone.

Watt's That? 'Just' Energy Transition

The Four Pillars of a 'Just' Transition

Energy Security: The first order of business is making sure everyone has access to reliable electricity. No more blackouts during important life moments.


Energy Affordability: It's not just about having electricity; it's about being able to afford it without breaking the bank.


Sustainability: As we light up homes and power industries, let's make sure we're doing it in a way that our kids and their kids can also benefit from.


Inclusion: Lastly, this journey should uplift everyone—small entrepreneurs, women, local communities, and not just the big players in the industry.

We're not alone in this quest. Global forums like ADIPEC offer us the chance to share our unique African perspective with the world. Cooperation will help us shape a transition that fits our unique needs.

Picture This: Africa's Energy Future

Imagine bustling cities and quiet rural towns, all enjoying reliable and affordable power. Visualize women-led enterprises contributing to the local grid using small-scale solar. This is our hope for a "Just" Energy Transition in Africa: a blend of cutting-edge solutions and grassroots growth, all aimed at making life better for everyone.


Africa's "Just" Energy Transition isn't a one-size-fits-all undertaking. It’s complex but also deeply exciting, and it’s something we all have a role in shaping.

Watt's That? 'Just' Energy Transition