Appointment of Deputy Group CEO

As we step into the new year, our journey is fuelled by the resilience we've built from our past experiences and the ambitious targets we've set for the future. At the heart of our strategy is a commitment to sustainable growth and rigorous governance. Recognizing the need for transformative leadership in this dynamic era, we've embarked on a strategic consolidation of our organization to foster constructive and sustainable change.

In that same vein, we are thrilled to announce the promotion of our team member, Natacha Emilien, to the role of Deputy Group CEO. Based in Mauritius but travelling back and forth to support our teams in Africa, she has demonstrated outstanding performance, leadership skills, and the ability to inspire those around her.


This well-deserved promotion is a testament to CSI Energy Group's dedication to cultivating a culture that values career growth, inclusion, empowerment, and professional development. It underscores our belief in recognizing and elevating talents that drive us towards our goals.


Natacha is an Engineer by training and has broad experience in O&G engineering projects and industrial risks management since 2005. Her know-how is extended to other fields as well, including financial services (global business) and strategy and innovation consulting. She returned to her roots in engineering in 2023 while joining CSI Energy Group.


“As an impact-driven entrepreneur and intrapreneur, my career has been a dedicated pursuit of opportunities with purpose-led organizations. Today, I am proud to be part of the leadership of CSI Energy Group, where our mission is to enable Africa’s just energy transition, balancing energy security, affordability, sustainability, and inclusion. I firmly believe that the energy sector in Africa holds tremendous potential to create meaningful change, and I am committed to dedicating my time, skills, and energy to serve this noble cause” says Natacha.


I am also particularly grateful to be part of an organization that places such a strong emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion (‘DEI’). I believe in the power of DEI to drive innovation and positive change and look forward to contributing to progress in this area. As I step into this new role of Deputy Group CEO, I remain focused on championing more conscious women leaders in the energy sector.”


“Thank you for your unwavering support. I am genuinely excited about the journey ahead! Together, let’s continue to make a lasting impact on people’s lives through the meaningful work we undertake at CSI Energy Group”, she adds.


Please join us in congratulating Natacha on her well-deserved promotion and in looking forward to the new perspectives and insights she will bring to her role as Deputy Group CEO.