HR Manager - Kenya
Valid until : 05 Feb 2024

As the HR Manager of CSI Energy Group Kenya, your primary purpose is to lead and manage all HR-related functions and activities to ensure the success of the Company's projects and development activities.


You will play a crucial role insourcing, recruiting, and retaining top talent, implementing strong HR policies and procedures, fostering a positive work culture, implementing effective communication across the Company, and ensuring compliance with labour laws and Company policies.


Based in Kenya, and reporting to the Project Manager, your contribution will directly impact the efficiency, productivity and well-being of our projects teams.

Key responsibilities



·       Manage the recruitment and selection process of new employees andconsultants, including job drafting, postings, resume screening, interviewing,job offers and induction and orientation training.


·       Manage the offboarding of employees and consultants including managing the termination, doing the exit interview, collecting the Company's property, disabling accesses to systems and facilities, etc.


·       Collaborate with department managers to assess future workforce needs.


·       Facilitate relocation, immigration and other responsibilities related to staffing administration.


·       Follow up and ensure proper work and resident permits new applications, renewals, submission of returns for non-residents are adhered to.


·       Develop and execute workforce planning strategies, including hiring, promotions, reskilling or upskilling and succession planning.





·       Provide expert guidance and efficient support the department managers on rigorously and fairly managing performance, attitude, and culture-fit of employees all through the entire employee lifecycle.


·       Provide expert guidance and efficient support to the Group's leadership on HR and employee relations issues, including disciplinary action and conflict resolution.


·       Ensure reporting to Contracting EXCO on a monthly basis on current employee’s status including permit expiry, contract expiry, any strategic HR issue etc.





·       Manage the HR team in Kenya, including hiring, training, and performance, attitude, and culture-fit management.


·       Ensure that the HR team always remains attuned to the employees' needs and challenges.






·       Manage employees'/consultants’ relations, addressing concerns, and fostering a positive work environment.


·       Handle disciplinary matters, conflict resolution, and grievance procedures.


·       Conduct regular employee engagement initiatives including employee satisfaction surveys.






·       Identify training needs and coordinate professional development programs.


·       Implement training initiatives to enhance employees’ skills and knowledge.


·       Support career development and succession planning.






·       Administer compensation and benefits programs including medical insurance, retirement plans, housing and transport and bonuses as applicable, and leave policies.


·       Ensure timely submission of payroll related data to theFinance team of all regional offices and approve final payroll for payment


·       Review and approve site employees' time attendance and overtimes (with approved forms from site management)


·       Verify and ensure completeness of documentation


·       Report timely on any employee deductions, absenteeism, terminal benefits, bonus if any, etc.


·       File and do a close follow-up of payroll tracker to ensure its updated


·       Ensure competitive and fair compensation and benefits structures.


·       Enable seamless communication with staff and consultants relating to their contractual terms and any changes.


·       Stay informed about market trends to make recommendations for adjustments.






·       Establish and implement lean, efficient and highly scalable HR policies and processes to source, hire, manage, assess, grow, and retain our talented workforce.


·       Automate processes whenever possible, using available technologies in a creative way.


·       Develop and conduct training programs for managers and employees on HR policies, procedures, and processes.


·       Ensure total compliance with local labour laws and regulations.


·       Facilitate any process for any HR audit whether statutory or internal.






·       Maintain accurate employee records (including personal files, records of sickness, absenteeism and holidays) and HR Resource database as well as maintain accurate consultant records and expertise database, and ensure that all such HR data are updated into the Sharepoint system.


·       Manage and maintain organizational charts and staffing.


·       Ensure compliance of the records with all applicable data protection laws and regulations.






·       Implement and manage performance appraisal systems.


·       Provide guidance on goal setting and performance improvement plans.


·       Drive the performance management process.







  • Develop and implement an organizational Culture, in line with the Group's 8 key cultural elements: Respect, Focus and Effectiveness, Commitment and Accountability, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Learning and Agility, Positivity, Safety and Teamwork


·       Integrate culture-fit evaluation in all processes around sourcing, hiring, managing, assessing, growing, and retaining our people.


·       Organise internal events and gatherings to promote team spirit and effective communication, strengthen employee engagement and enforce the desired organizational culture.







  • Prepare, review and manage the Company's team and sites HR budget and ensure effective spend within the plan for remuneration, accommodation, travel plans, etc.





  • Bachelor's or Masters Degree in Human Resources, Business Administration or a related field.

  • At least 10 years of HR experience, with a minimum of 5 years in a managerial role

  • Strong knowledge of Kenya employment laws and regulations

  • Experience in an engineering/technical environment is a must

  • Good mastery of Office 365 suite

  • First class spoken and written English

  • Good spoken Swahili



Key competencies


  • Credible, accountable and trustworthy

  • An ambassador of CSI values and 8 key cultural elements

  • Self-driven and entrepreneurial with strong problem-solving skills and the ability to "get things done"

  • Courageous, with the ability to lead difficult conversations

  • Excellent leadership skills

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build strong relationships with employees at all levels of the organization

  • Ability to organise independently to meet deadlines.

How to Apply

Apply by 9th February 2024

The above list of duties and responsibilities is not exhaustive and may be changed at any time, depending on the operational requirements of the employer/company, and within the parameters of the position held.

The company is therefore entitled to instruct the employee at any time to carry out additional duties or responsibilities, which fall reasonably within the ambit of this job description, or in accordance with operational requirements.

CSI Energy Group reserves the right to call only the shortlisted candidates for interview and not to make any appointment following this job advert, nor to assign any reason whatsoever for accepting or rejecting any candidate

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