Questions to our Group Finance Manager

Recently appointed as Group Finance Manager at CSI Energy Group, we sat down with Musharraf Dilmahamood to get to know him better, his career, his role at CSI Energy Group as well as his take on the future.

Who is Musharraf?

I am a finance professional with over 20 years of experience and expertise in various industries from Oil and Gas, Trade, Mining Services and Global Business (financial services). Most of my career, I served on the international scene, working in various countries, and managing people in different jurisdictions, mainly in Asia and Africa. From a personal perspective, I truly believe in family bonds and building relationships with the ability to nurture. Throughout the last year, the balance between working and finding personal time has completely shifted. While my career has my focus, my family and kids are my priority. I try to find a right mix between professional and personal responsibilities and try to blend in a work-life integration concept.    I also find it important to take time off for myself, as it helps me to focus, manage stress and improve my long-term physical health. For such, I really enjoy swimming to keep me fit, and fortunately, we are surrounded with sea! (I am based in Mauritius)


What is your role at CSI Energy Group?

In November 2022, I took the role of Group Finance Manager, responsible for the overall financial health of CSI Energy Contracting (CSI Energy Group contracting cluster), analysing cash flow forecast, reviewing financial documents, and leading the implementation of processes and policies. I capitalize on my international experience, bringing new approaches and fresh insights to achieve our long terms goals, building on the foundation, mission, and values of the organisation. My aim is to strengthen the finance function in all its aspects to ensure the consistent growth of CSI Energy Group and reaching out to other jurisdictions. I act as a business partner by creating a real and active partnership with both operations and management to ensure the smooth and efficient operations of the business.


For how long have you been in the energy sector? What were the main shifts you noticed?

I have been in the energy sector for nearly 7 years mainly with PETRONAS in the oil and gas industry, managing materials and warehousing to finance. During these past years, I have noticed several shifts, namely the decarbonization of the industry, the rise of sustainable finance, as well as the evolving role of finance professionals, including the impact of the pandemic on the finance function. Creating a more sustainable future requires an all-hands-on-deck approach from most industries and the different stakeholders— including finance. This is where sustainable finance plays a role. Although the terms "sustainable finance" and "ESG" (environmental, social, and governance) finance are frequently used interchangeably, the term "sustainability" is more general and can refer to a variety of things, such as mitigating climate risk, building green structures, or leaving a small carbon footprint. In contrast to sustainability, which can mean different things to different organizations, ESG finance is more precise, with its focus centered on three very specific areas: environmental, social, and governance, and with specific criteria set in each of those areas that need to be met to be considered ESG investing.

 Now, let’s talk how the role of finance is evolving. It’s becoming more strategically focused, more value-focused and more future-focused. The finance role has stayed mostly unaltered throughout the previous few decades. The finance role has traditionally been to oversee the organization's financial stability and regulatory compliance, with an emphasis on financial planning and analysis, cost management, and risk management. However, this position is increasingly becoming more about strategy than stewardship, and it is also becoming more about maximizing value.


The biggest challenge you’ve been through in your career so far?

The biggest challenge has been my move back to Mauritius after spending 15 years in Malaysia and the change in working culture, but I see change as being a driver for growth. I am pushed to advance as a person through change. You learn how to adapt to new circumstances, think of unique approaches and new ways to work, adapting and embracing cultural change. Together, these experiences fostered my personal development and have been blessed as I am surrounded by great leaders who share their experiences By expanding your horizons, you can engage with others more, take more risks, work more, and immerse yourself in activities you might not have previously thought of.